When my boyfriend and I entered into the home buying process we were both very excited and nervous at the same time!  When we went to start the process we dealt with the real estate agents that were selling the homes we were looking at and just couldn’t do it anymore, so we turned to Tim!  After communicating with Tim, we knew that he was there to help us. Once he took us on our first tour of one house we looked at, we knew we could put our trust in him to get us in the house we wanted!

Tristen and I truly appreciated the honesty and knowledge Tim provided us in every house we looked at. If Tim didn’t know the answer to something he was willing to reach out to whoever would know and got back to us right away. He gave very realistic advice, and always told us what may need to be fixed, or what was already good about the house we looked at!

Through the whole buying process Tim was always there to help and always answered any questions we had!  Even after we got moved in Tim made sure we always were satisfied and reassured us if we needed anything that he would be there to help!

If you are looking for a Realtor, we HIGHLY recommend Tim Danielson. Thank you for all your hard work Tim!

Rachel & Tristen

Tim came to my home and gave me just a couple of recommendations before my first open house. It was listed on a Friday afternoon. There were several showings over the weekend, and I was signing papers on Monday evening! I even got more than my asking price! Very happy with Tim’s real estate knowledge.

Tim sold a townhouse in just 3 months in a small town where there is not that much demand for them. He was able to coordinate with both my brother and myself, who lived in two different locations outside the sale area. He had easy rapport and access to local contractors that were used to paint and ready the house for sale. I recommend him highly.

C. Hess : Rochester MN

Have purchased and sold a home with Tim. Very motivating, very thorough, extremely easy to work with, and most of all, a pleasant experience all around. I would definitely go through Tim again!

Tim is a wonderful blend of honesty, friendliness and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with him because there was always a smile on his face and he was ready to assist me with details that went above and beyond the normal. I had moved to FL before I had a buyer for my home in MN and he stepped up to the plate and got the job done. Tim knows what he is doing and gets in done in a happy, timely manner and I highly recommend him.